About Us

Who We Are

Lush Design Co is a PNW based online boutique created with the intention of providing quality, modern apparel for all. Founded in 2020, Lush Design Co has grown from a small Etsy shop to it's own full fledged brand, and plans to continue to expand into the retail shopping arena in the years to come.

What We Stand For


We firmly believe in "quality over quantity" and have made this the main pillar of our business.

"Lush Design Co was created to be just that - 'Lush'. The quality of our materials and the detail of the designs are top tier and that is what I want to deliver to our customers. Other brands may be cheaper, but that comes at a price I'm not willing to pay." - Courtney, Owner.

Earth Conscious

In everything we do, being eco-friendly is of the highest importance. The packaging we use is either 100% recyclable or compostable, minimizing our footprint while still delivering the best products to our customers. The materials we use for our apparel are sourced domestically, reducing emissions and supporting other US owned companies.


Lush Design Co is a brand for all - period. We strive to offer styles that fit all walks of life and offer a wide selection of size inclusive options. 

About The Owner

Courtney was raised in the Seattle area and has so much love for all that the PNW has to offer. With each design Lush Design Co offers, she hopes to share the style of Seattle and give her home the recognition it deserves in the fashion world. When she isn't designing, Courtney is a wife and mother of three and enjoys spending time with friends and family.